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Helping you to Master Your Relationship with Self, Nature and the Divine in your business & life

Transformation Expert helping connect the dots to bring your visions to life with mindfulness & stress reduction

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The Creator has blessed me in a Divine Meeting while on the beach in Beaufort, South Carolina. The story of how this majestically Divine ancestral Buck walked directly to me as others witnessed is a moment that marked transformation on a new level. I am so blessed to have such a miraculous moment of revelation and confirmation in my life. Now, I am traveling the world spreading the  message that "God is Real! and Love Heals" This has always been my motto because love has been the key that transformed my life. The Creator has always and will always protect, shield and guide me and my family. It is of immense joy to have the gently powerful buck come and hang out with me for 15 minutes on the beach as we shared our commonalities with each other. 

We have met and there is only love and oneness. As we master oneness with God, Self & Nature we experience miracles!!

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Our Deepest Fear performed at Unity of the Triangle!

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