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Acquilla, I appreciate you and thank you for being the great human being you are. Your uniqueness shines bright in such a positive way and you're such a inspiring spirit. I know and understand like all of us you have your flaws but you have such a positive outlook in life that your positive energy outweighs them. And you have a gift of showing people that though we may all have our personal flaws and struggles we have an alternate focus that we can focus on, and as long as we cater to that seed it'll grow. .ALL I want to say is thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother and friend. I love you for your kind and encouraging words and I appreciate your sincerity and I'm glad that you're a genuine and sincere friend. God bless you!

~R. Ward



Ms. McCoy,

Before I met you, I did't believe in myself and thought that I would never know what success felt like. You taught me more than how to learn about school. You taught me that I am somebody and that I can really do anything in life. Thank you for being the piece of the puzzle in my life that changed my life for the better. I love you Ms. McCoy

~ T. M. 


You are such a blessing. I tell everybody about you. I say that you have such a good heart and are so willing to help. You are intelligent and resourceful. Your sincerity shines through in each interaction. You have a nique way of taking charge in room while hearing what everyone needs. I am grateful to have you in my life to work with women and youth. We need you and thank you for sharing you gifts.





When I first met, I felt your presence. Your genuine care and openness precedes you. Your words flow in a way that touches the inner parts of a person. For years, I was stuck in the same routine. After one of your messages, "What's Charging Your Battery", I was instantly compelled to take new steps in my daily routines. My life has changed completely! I take time to enjoy nature daily, I've been more disciplined in my diet, more focused in my goals, and have told others about you! You are a powerful woman with a good heart and a gift for ministering to help get those who were stuck, back in motion...even if they didnt know it. 





I didn't see myself as a good man or father. You helped me change my life. I have confidence in myself and have improved relationships that were damaged. My son and I are closer than ever before and now understand that I have always had everything we needed. My father and I are experiencing the relationship I always desired.Your guidance, helped me to redirect my life, prioritize my decisions, focus on what matters, and make moves that help my family. Working with you truly changed my life and I am forever grateful. If I were to describe you in two words, they are "Love's Intention". 




Ms. McCoy is a woman who sees the potential and opportunities for a person's highest good. She's an adviser who uses  few words to help one see how easy it truly is to move the obstacles that block one from reaching their true path in life.


She focuses on the whole person, not just the situational elements hindering a person's growth. Her methods respect the person as a unique individual with a great deal to give society and the world. Her approach allows the student (young or mature) to discover the root cause of the issue while respecting them as a whole and unique individual.





Acquilla traveled all the way from Raleigh NC, to Charlotte NC, to be our keynote speaker for our first workshop back in November 2012. Acquilla spoke to the young girls, ages 6-17, about self-love, empowerment, and the importance of self-esteem and respecting yourself.  Acquilla did a phenomenal job with communicating with the girls. She used visual aids, she kept the kids engaged, and she definitely entertained them.

I have known Acquilla since middle school and she has always been well spoken and professional, and she is hands down one of the most intelligent women that I have had the pleasure of knowing. Many of the girls thanked us for having her attend, and VDR has plans to bring her back, because she made such a huge impact on our young people and on us as adults in the session.  Acquilla has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to her excellent scholastic accomplishments, she has proven her leadership ability by becoming an author, poet, and an entrepreneur, just to name a few!

Acquilla would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

~B. Greene



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