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Stress comes in various forms. It impacts productivity, focus, ambition, relationships, communication, and the way we see ourselves.


Imagine having a professional, fun, empowering moment that provides the tools to reduce the stress. What would change?


You have found a solution through the offerings provided by Dr. Acquilla Faye to gain the solutions you are seeking.


Make your next event one for the History Books of Phenomenal Memories.

BOOK Dr. Acquilla Faye as your Keynote Speaker, Panelist, MC/Hostess, or Facilitator.


to learn more about the courses which are offered to decrease stress, increase productivity, and add balance to everyday activity. 

Receive products that will transform your life by saving your time, health, and your money. 

Get your mind decluttered, you body energized, and tools to get through your storms: (FREE)

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