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Providing Education, Elevation and Empowerment

Her Journey: "I have learned that transparency yields results which we would otherwise never receive."- Dr. Acquilla Faye

Dr. Faye has taught internationally and in various educational institutions for over a decade. Her experiences in the classroom was a driving force in her founding, Our Efforts United, a community organization in North Carolina with the motto "rebuilding the village”. Dr. Faye serves as an educational consultant, program coordinator, curriculum designer, and train-the-trainer facilitator. Her organization provides educational enrichment and personal development programs as well as tutoring services for youth and their families.


Her versatility is a reflection her innate ability to accept her gifts to connect with others, build communities, and bring greatness out of others while providing tools and support throughout the process. 

Dr. Faye's love of people and proven methods can be experienced in one on one  private coaching , customized sessions for small groups, luncheons, workshops, conferences, festivals, events and closed group sessions or gatherings. "Love Heals" is one pillar that's incorporated with every client, stage, and training. She is shifting individuals, schools, and companies by sparking change that results in balance, self-acceptance, clarity, happiness, and life-fulfillment. Her methods transcend gender, culture, and age to remove internal blocks, releasing a fresh approach to goals, ambitions, and drive.

Her SIGNATURE programs include:


From Writer to Author---Author Support Services

Journey to Self --- Personal renewal/healing

Transformation Club --- Meditation and Stress Reduction

Help! Our Company forgot the Vision --- Team Building & Empowerment

Diversity Makes Everything Better --- Closing Culture Gaps

Professional Overview:

  • Certified Educator (15 years experience)

  • Doctor of Divinity

  • Media Woman of the Year (2018) Women on Fire

  • #2 Podcast on Bshani Radio (2018)--- Grown Folks Talking Live

  • Radio Host of "Live with Acquilla Faye" on

  • T.V Host/Co-Producer “Living In Faith Everyday” top 10%

  • Certified BlackBelt Speaker

  • Toastmasters International Speaker

  • Professional Performing & Spoken Word Artist

  • International Journalist 

  • Our Efforts United President and Founder

  • EMT Empowering Moments Together Founder

  • Performer-- NABS 2018

  • Facilitator--AAFC 2017 Family Village Tent

  • Trained Orator since age 12

  • Published Book Author (The Men We Choose, Live Your Best Life, Letters of Devotion: Prayers through Meditation)

  • Published poet since age 7 with International Society of Poet

  • Cambridge Who’s Who Amongst American Professionals

  • Community Hometown Hero Award Recipient (2016)

  • Outstanding Leadership Ward Recipient (2016)

  • Alumna of Winston Salem State University

  • Alumna of East Carolina University

  • Alumna of High Point University

  • Alumna of Argosy University

  • Alumna of Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute

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